When you say Digital Marketing … one thing pops into your mind .. YouTube Ads right?! … but is that all?! … Absolutely Not! What is Digital Marketing then?!

Digital Marketing is simply advertising about your products and services online or using any digital medium. Let it be Mobile apps, TV … or even Radio.

However; It’s been widely understood that digital marketing is only connected to “Online Advertisement” which is NOT true, but if you think about it … online advertising had grown much more popular in the past few years. That’s why the whole world had turned towards it.

Not only because it increases the brand awareness, but also because it helps in positioning the product in the market; maximizing the product outreach; therefore increases the sales and revenue rate!

I mean if you for instance were looking for a new phone, you’ll automatically start searching about it online right?! … You’ll start comparing between brands, qualifications and prices right?! … say you didn’t reach your decision just yet, you close all the search tabs, open your fb page as usual and just start scrolling, when all of a sudden a Mobile Ad pops right in front of you! And get this … the phone that is displayed in the Ad … has the same qualities you’ve been searching for AND within your same price limit! And to get it all in perspective … they end the ad with a perfect CTA (Call to Action) like “Buy it Now!” or something that makes you just want to get up and directly go buy that phone! …Weird Right?!

No, It’s not … cause that’s how digital marketing work. .. Digital Marketing use cookies to determine your interests, and then start displaying the best offers in front of you, so you’ll have no other option but to consider these offers and purchase them, Smart isn’t it?!

Apply this concept to every Ad or promotions offer you see online, every random post or un-popular opinion! And that’s How Digital Marketing Affects Our Daily Lives!

That’s why when you’re advertising online, it’s very important to choose carefully who you’re advertising with, make sure they’re familiar with all these marketing techniques. And you’ll be in the safe zone!

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