Nowadays offline Marketing decreased so much comparing with last decades, as Digital Marketing took a large portion from the market and all of that due to some reasons: Era of Internet, Mobile Application, Technology development, User Friendly website and e-commerce websites, etc….

All Business now starts to shift their Marketing budget from offline marketing to Digital marketing especially to social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc….

Those platforms includes large potential customer & purchasing power as it become more friendly and integrated with each other.

If I told you that the total population on earth is 7.593 Billion, you may agree with me but if I told you the fact of more than 50 % of total population are looking to their mobiles and use internet you may be shocked of that. THIS IS THE UGLY TRUTH which you must coop with.

4.02 Billion Are internet users, 3.196 Billion are active social media users with more than 70 % of them potential customers to your business.

As a business owner you must know how to shift your business smoothly from offline to online & how to boost your business online on the right track.

Also you must know well that internet especially social media is not just a place for ads or some artwork on your brand, social media easily can destroy brands and can build and increase strong revenue for your business

All kind of digital marketing must follow your strategic plans so that you can reach your goals & objective.

It’s the best time to catch the train of digital marketing

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